Meet Clare

champion for Female Empowerment and living your Wealthiest Life.  CEO and founder of phoenix

Spiritual Success Coach, Motivational Speaker and Advocate for Womens Wealth!
Clare helps female entrepreneurs leave the hustle, grind and burn out culture behind, to step their successful soulpreneur era, with Ease, Flow and Abundance.
 Through inner child work, mindset reframing, spirituality, quantum strategies and infectious hype girl empowerment! Clare works with Women to help them find their true gifts, leave the fear and shame behind and step into their purpose with confidence and ease.

To feel Aligned, Fulfilled, Abundant and Empowered AF. 

Clare has been an Entrepreneur for over a decade. Always the rebellious kid who talked too much and didn't listen to 'the rules'. Always wanting to become wealthy beyond anything she had ever known, but feeling societal shame and judgement for it.

Clare was born to be an Entrepreneur - A Speaker, Hype Girl and Leader for other Women. Society however, told her otherwise - 'Don't talk so much and you might make something of yourself'. 'Focus on what you are doing - don't worry about others'. 'Stop acting like such a big kid - you're a grown up now'. 'Be content with what you've got', 'Money doesn't make you happy'....
Sound familiar?...

It's no surprise that over time she lost who she was destined to be - Her Souls Purpose.
Becoming a first time mum at 19 (second at 30) she then spent most of her adult life in an abusive relationship and loosing herself even more.

In her career she was 'successful', and had many achievements by her mid 20's. At 25 she created her life long dream of becoming an entrepreneur - building an award winning business in the corporate sector - yet still felt unfulfilled and shame for wanting more. For what she had created was not through passion or purpose - it was through conditioning and limited self beliefs of what she thought she could and should do! She had reached her Wealth Container cap and could not seem to exceed £100k PA.

In her early 30's Clare had her spiritual awakening. She left her abusive relationship and threw herself into Mindfulness, Meditation, Inner Child Work, Oracle Cards, Crystals, Astrology, Manifestation, Self Help and finding her True Self. It was through this journey she created her second, and third (6 figure) businesses - in the spiritual world of crystals. Through this self healing work Clare was able to increase her Wealth Container cap to £300k PA!

Ready for big transformation, especially around her money story and preconditioning around what wealth meant. Clare went on to invest in herself with high level coaching. Experiencing first hand how life changing coaching is she re-connected with her natural born gifts to create a life and business she had always dreamt of. Reprogramming her limiting beliefs around money and reframing her mindset to enable big shifts in her money manifestation.

Fed up of seeing women demonised, feeling shame, guilt, judgement and unworthy of great wealth. Clare set about empowering other Women to overcome the same, and established a unique mindset methodology. Enabling you to become a Successful SOULpreneur.
-with Ease, Flow, Fulfilment AND Abundance!

Clare was born to be an Entrepreneur 

"Wanting to live your WEALTHIEST LIFE does not make you a bad person"

Clare garner

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Fun facts about me

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Fun facts about me

All we need to create a life of Deep Fulfilment is Purpose & Passion. Awareness & Openness to Change our Mindset - sprinkled with a whole lot of Support & Encouragement!

Your mind is your Superpower. You have everything you ever need to succeed all ready inside of you - It's time to step into your Successful SOULpreneur era - I'm here to help you navigate through it, Are you ready?

It is your Souls Purpose to Rise & Thrive to Manifest your Dream Life!

We are all born worthy of living our highest lives.

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