Taking ambitious Entrepreneurs from Average to ICONIC AF  


At Phoenix, we believe the very thing you've been shamed for and kept locked away all your life, is the VERY thing which will catapult your success!

Your 'too much' energy is the life force energy your dream clients are just waiting to feel from you.

You can have all the hooks, the best branding, the testimonials - BUT, if you are not showing up 100% fully YOU, you are leaving money on the table. And more importantly, you are only making a fraction of the impact you are truly destined to create babe.

Phoenix is not for those ok with just getting by. It is for those Women who KNOW they are meant for more, who know they are only scratching the surface of what they are truly here to do in the World, who yearn to live a Legacy that long outlives them.

It's time to own your Power and start sharing it with the World Unapologetically, Unfiltered and Unashamedly - so that you can go from one of the many, to one of the few...


How to work with clare

Through using her unique VisionHEIRy methodology Clare works with you to ensure you stop going un-noticed and start being remembered - after all no-one built a Movement by sounding just like everyone else!

Bridging the gap between Energetics and Strategy Clare focuses on 3 key areas: 

Identity - Embodying and evolving into your future 6/7 figure self and bringing all of HER to the table so your dream clients see you as their own permission slip!

Branding - Co-creating & disrupting your brand in the energetic frequency that has Clare called The Fire Queen! When you step into this space you won't be able to not be noticed!

Leadership - Elevating your Leadership through collaborations, positioning and Association. Your audience will automatically place you alongside those they see you with - so lets make it good!

Clarity & Codes

If you are ready to stop dreaming and start doing - the 1 week intensive is for YOU!

1hr deep dive into any area you desire where you will be activated, held and elevated. Followed by 7 days of telegram support as you implement and integrate the new codes bought to the surface in your intensive!

'When you live your Souls Purpose you become a Magnet to those you are meant to help'

1 week intensive 1:1


Become the ICON you know you are here to be. Embody your future 6/7 figure self right now and bring all of her to the table. So that your 'too much' energy is the VERY thing which magnetises your dream clients. 
Disrupt your branding and elevate your Leadership in co-creating with HER and watch your World blow up!

Bespoke packages available - apply for more info

1:1 Coaching container

"She has left me feeling empowered!

"Clare has an aura around her that just emits positivity and gives off a warm, welcoming sense of home, a safe space. We dived into my childhood to try and find traits and activities that warmed my heart and filled me with joy. I have realised that I have definitely taken the safe route in life, rather than the path that comes with risk, but lights me up. She has left me feeling so empowered and uplifted! I am so grateful to have found such an amazing person who has really added to my life, and I would definitely recommend a session with her!'


"5 Stars

I had a Soul Purpose session with Clare and OMG it was life changing! Her energy alone is fantastic, I felt instantly comfortable and at ease talking with her. She provided guidance and clarity that allowed me to see myself in a new light. I now have a clear idea of what I need to do next and I am so excited! I feel empowered!'


"Clare is the ultimate Hype Girl

"Clare is the ultimate Hype Girl with High Energy, endless positivity and genuine curiosity. In a 30min session we were able to cut my ramblings down to discover my core Soul Purpose and I haven't stopped smiling since. I couldn't recommend doing a session with Clare more. She is the perfect facilitator and her added perspective is so incredibly valuable!'



Want to go from Average to ICONIC right TF now? Access the launch which SOLD OUT and take your content from 'who' to 'whooo TF is that'

Meet Clare Garner

Clare has been an entrepreneur for over a decade. Building and scaling two multiple 6 figure, businesses, along with numerous others!

After embarking on high-level coaching of her own back in early 2023, Clare was opened up to the World of coaching and started stepping into her Soul Purpose of Speaking and Mentorship for other ambitious Women across the Globe. 

Realising the one thing she had always been shamed for and kept under wraps all her life, was in fact the very thing which she needed to unlock and start sharing with the World. When she tapped into this Clare's World catapulted her into the Spotlight, with an entirely new Instagram account now having SOLD OUT launches, attracting 6, 7 & 8 figure industry leaders PLUS building a personal brand presence which undeniably illustrated her Authority in the Coaching space.

Now on a mission to ensure Women embrace and own their 'Unique Too Much' energy as the secret power to their Success just as it was hers.

Now guiding the way for you to do the same....

Founder of Phoenix

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